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Micro-Nano Processing and R&D Platform


This platform consists of a complete set of advanced equipment, ranging from NanoBeam electron beam exposure machine to SUSS contact-type ultraviolet exposure machine with SUSS automatic gluing machine; the coating equipment consist of Picosun atomic layer deposition (ALD), Lesker multi-source integrated sputtering apparatus, electron beam evaporation and double cavity magnetically controlled sputtering device; the etching equipment consist of inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching machine of North Microelectronics, and Chuangshiweina RIE equipment. Besides, there are rapid thermal processing furnace (RTP), LPCV furnace tube, muffle furnace, rinsing table, gumming machine, baking oven and other processing equipment. Gauging equipment consists of ellipsometer, desktop SEM, 4 probes and eTester, etc.

This micro-nano processing platform is technically advanced as it has functions likethin film deposition, photoetching, etching, and integrated processing. The processing equipment and technologies of this micro-nano processing platform can be used in (1) development and research of advanced electronic devices on the micro-nano scale; (2) processing of various sensors and MEMS; (3) R&D of the third generation of semiconductor power devices; (4) novel low-dimension electronic materials development at atomic level and its production, and so forth.

The goal is to cultivate entrepreneurial talents and corporate leaders in the microelectronics industry, and to build a world-class industry-university-research transformation platform. 

IC Design, Test and R&D Platform

The IC Design, Test and R&D Platform is the foundation to support the design of high-end integrated circuit chips and devices. By building a world-class IC design and test platform, the SME aims at several research directions with urgent industrial needs or major scientific research influences, including millimeter wave chips, terahertz, artificial intelligence chips, and is carrying out equipment capacity planning and construction, striving to make prominent achievements in the short term (within 2-3 years).