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GUO Yuejin

Research Professor

Faculty Page

Prof. GUO Yuejin graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a degree in physical chemistry. He was a senior engineer at Intel Corporation of the United States. He joined Southern University of Science and Technology in 2018 and is a research professor at the School of Microelectronics.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science / B.S. 1978/02-1982/01 China Jilin University Semiconductor Materials

Master of Science / M.Sc. 1982/02-1985/01 China Jilin University Physical Chemistry

Doctor of Science / Ph.D. 1986/06-1992/06 United States California Institute of Technology Physical Chemistry

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral 1992/06-1994/04 United States California Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral 1994/04-1995/10 United States Los Alamos National Laboratory

Senior Engineer 1995/10-2010/01 United States Intel Corporation

Co-founder 2016/09-present China Shenzhen Xiuyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Research Professor 2018/11-present China Southern University of Science and Technology

Research Interests

Quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics methods study the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of materials.

Development and mass production of high-performance integrated circuit chip packages.

R&D and mass production of packaging processes and materials such as wire bonding, flip chip, and fanout.

Honors & Awards

Received ten Intel Department Division Awards (Divisional award)

Selected Publication

1988/02 Electronic structure and valence-bond band structure of cuprate superconducting materials. Science 1988, 239 (4842), 896-899 Y. Guo, J-M. Langlois, and W. A. Goddard III
1989/01 Magnon-Exchange Pairing and Superconductivity, Science 1989, 243 (4890), 547-548 G. Chen, J-M. Langlois, Y. Guo, and W. A. Goddard III
1991/06 Prediction of fullerene packing in C60 and C70 crystals, Nature 1991, 351, 464 - 467. Y. Guo, N. Karasawa, and W. A. Goddard III
1993/06 Electron-Phonon Interactions and Superconductivity in K3C60,Phys. Rev. B 1993, 48 (18), 13959-13970 G. Chen, Y. Guo, N. Karasawa, and W. A. Goddard III
1995/05 Is carbon nitride harder than diamond? No, but its girth increases when stretched (negative Poisson ratio),Chemical Physics Letters 1995, 237 (1-32), 72-76. Y. Guo and W. A. Goddard III
2000/08 Flip-Chip Technology on Organic Pin Grid Array Packages,Intel Technology Journal, Lii, M. Sankman, B., Azimi, H., Yeoh, H. & Guo, Y.